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Leave the Winn-Dixie cats alone

April 11, 2012
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

I'm continually amazed how one individual that does not get the Pine Island life-style of "live and let live" can ruin things for everybody else. First, there was the guy from Cape Coral a few years back that objected to outdoor music and other organized outdoor activities. He caused a lot of harm to charitable fund-raising and island businesses before the issue died down. Then, there was the part-time resident in St. James City that objected to golf carts. We will turn the tables on him by making them legal (with sensible restrictions). Now, we have a part-time resident that doesn't like cats sleeping in the Winn-Dixie parking lot. Why is it that one crabby individual can so often trump our rural island culture?

I was very disappointed to read in the Pine Island Eagle that the Winn-Dixie manager is "trying to get the cats relocated to another area." Sleeping cats in the parking lot are part of the charm of Pine Island-they don't hurt anything, everybody (except one guy) likes them - so just leave them alone.

Winn-Dixie earned a lot of well-deserved loyalty from Pine Islanders by its helpful actions after Hurricane Charlie - don't waste all that that good-will now by doing something so stupid that a boycott would be inevitable. Surely Winn-Dixie management is aware that competitors are right now trying to set up a shopping center with a grocery anchor just down the road - this is not the time to "dis" your customers.

My wife told me to write that if you harm or relocate or even separate those cats, you will hear from her loud and clear, and you won't like what she has to say. I've been married to her for 26 years and I strongly advise that you avoid that.

Phil Buchanan

St. James City



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