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Every party has a pooper ...

April 11, 2012
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

One of the things I love about going to Winn-Dixie is seeing the cats lazing around the grounds like they own the place, which as any cat owner knows, they do! I love seeing the bowls of water and food out for them, knowing they are well cared for. They add character and a little bit of fun to our shopping center. However, it is inevitable that if you throw a party, there will always be a party pooper. And it looks as if we have one. I say if the part-time resident doesn't like the way things are done around here, well, too bad. It goes back to that old bumper sticker, "We don't care how you do things up north!" We full-timers love our island just the way it is, thanks very much, and we love our Winn-Dixie shopping center with all its cats. I'm sure if the islanders and shop owners found the cats problematic or unsafe, homes would have been found for them long before you decided to contact "corporate.'

I'd like to thank Jayne Schulte for doing the work she does with PAWS. She has made sure that these cats were properly spayed, neutered and vaccinated. I'm looking forward to signing her petition. Also I would like to thank all the shop owners and Winn-Dixie for the care they've given these animals.

I'm also contacting "corporate" and letting them know how I feel about our kitties. I hope that more islanders who want the cats to stay take the time to send Winn-Dixie a note.

In the meantime, let's all kick back, relax and know that summer is just around the corner.

Angela Aradia



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