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In defense of the ‘Winn-Dixie Cats’

April 11, 2012
Pine Island Eagle

Dear Eagle editor and Winn-Dixie local and corporate management:

I'm a full-time resident of Pine Island who shops exclusively at the Pine Island Winn-Dixie for my groceries. I want to speak up in defense of the "Winn-Dixie Cats." It's sad to hear that a few people don't understand the importance of these Pine Island mascots. I'd be curious to know the nature of the complaint made against them. The cats are not only very healthy and well cared for, they are well loved. If you have the chance to watch islanders coming and going from the store, you'll invariably see people stop to say hi to the cats or give them a little treat. On another positive note, the cats help keep down the population of rats and mice which are a true menace for a grocery store. Please don't displace these cats from the only home they know.

Barbara Darling

St. James City



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