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The golf cart issue on Pine Island

March 29, 2012
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Webster's dictionary defines a golf cart as "a motorized cart for carrying golfers and their equipment over a golf course."

We don't need to change the existing laws and regulations (that are sparsely enforced) to allow these illegal motorized vehicles access to our county roads. I question why the existing laws and regulations are not being enforced, if they were I wouldn't be writing this letter.

Areas of concern:


Seat restraints, turn signals, break and headlights, caution lights, narrow streets without shoulders and ability to maintain posted speeds.

Insurance and liability:

I called Allstate Insurance Company about insuring golf carts and was told they could adopt a policy for golf carts. If insurance is mandatory for golf carts, who will enforce it and will "uninsured motorists insurance" be required?


Pine Island's population is approximately 15,000 and St. James City is about one third of this.

Enter hundreds of golf cart-style vehicles to our narrow roads, it spells disaster! I see new motorized vehicles on county roads quite often. Some are four wheel drive! Are ATVs going to be included in this disastrous proposal? Some of these vehicles are only one step from being street legal "A LICENSE PLATE." It should be required, the county could use the revenue to maintain our county roads. Also, proof of insurance is required to get a license plate.

Unequal representation:

To date, only pros on this issue have been published in the Pine Island Eagle. I find it very hard to believe that there hasn't been any opposition to this issue. (editor's choice, I guess)

With the before mentioned population of Pine Island at approximately 15,000, and approximately, plus or minus, of the population to vote on this issue doesn't seem very democratic! This issue should be on the ballot in November so all registered voters on Pine Island can have their vote. This issue will have an effect on every Pine Islander one way or another. Think about the pros, cons and make an educated decision on this issue.

C. J. Farinetti



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