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Cape Coral's latest prank to stop the Ceitus Barrier/ Boat lift

March 21, 2012
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Cape Coral wants to stop the replacement of the Ceitus Barrier. Their latest prank was to cancel a meeting between the County and city officials claiming that the county did not have its "science" together to show that there was a need to replace the barrier.

The problem is that the Cape never had any science to begin with. On Feb. 13, 2007 FDEP's Jon Iglehart sent a letter to Cape Coral approving the removal and replacement of the Ceitus Barrier/ Boatlift as requested by the City of Cape Coral. Case number OGC Case No.06-2345-DF

I don't see where the Cape had any science in not following this consent order that they requested, at least not at this time.

The city then turns around and requests an amendment to this consent order in which they rely on state statutes to allow them to investigate alternatives to replacing the barrier. A committee of environmentalists and others were to look at seeing if the fresh water flows, quality of water and timing of flows of the fresh water could be managed to meet pre-construction Cape Coral. The committee was to meet one year and after a grueling two years of meetings by all of these environmentalists found that they could not meet the standards set fourth in the amended consent order.

I don't see that the county doesn't have the science after the Cape spent two years going over the problem and no viable solution could be found. Well, the Cape, not to be undone, claims that they have the science. Funny, after two years of dealing with this problem they failed to convince any of the folks that were appointed to the committee that they had any science at all.

But not to be outdone and no doubt in violation of section 17 of their own amended consent order which clearly states that the Cape cannot delay any process even legal third party claims. They have the burden of proof that they were not responsible for any and all delays.

It really is not for the city of Cape Coral to determine that their opponent in a lawsuit has his facts and is ready to in order to meet

I guess, the only thing that the city of Cape Coral respects is being dragged into court. Otherwise, they pretty much run afoul of any reasonable respect of following laws or saving the environment.

Commissioners, you really need to start using the courts to put an end to the Cape canceling this meeting by going to court and establishing that the Cape is responsible for this delay.

Leo Amos




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