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Golf carts in paradise

March 8, 2012
Pine Island Eagle

To the Editor:

People in Pine Island that drive their golf carts in paradise beware. "The Man" has started giving out warnings for driving golf carts on county roads.Don't blame Cap't Dobson and his boys, they are just pawns employed by the out-of-control government to make an attempt to enforce the law. It is against the law to drive your golf cart on county roads that are not designated to allow them. This law simply has not been enforced for years until a couple of whiners complained.

It is not a "right" to drive your golf cart on county roads like owning the gun that you keep on the golf cart gun rack or under your pillow, it is however a "privilege" that can be granted to you by your County Commissioners for designated areas.

If you want to continue to drive your carts like you have for years, you need to get involved in county politics.

Number 1: Email your county commissioners with your request to allow you to drive your golf cart on county roads just like you have been doing for years and what areas that you want to be designated to be golf cart friendly. Don't forget mention that you are a voter.

Number 2: Email the Chamber of Commerce and voice your opinion. The chamber email is Cap't Dobson is a director in the chamber and politics is politics.

Number 3: Go to the next meeting of the Pine Island Civic Association and stay for the voting. This "controversial club" does not have any authority to make any decisions but the club vote may have a tiny influence on the County Commis-sioner's decisions.For the record, the president of this club is against golf carts.

Number 4: Golf carts are not allowed and will never be allowed on the bike path.

Here are your County Commissioner's names and email addresses. Commis-sioner John Manning e-mail:; Commissioner Brian Bigelow e-mail:; Commis-sioner Ray Judah e-mail:; Commissioner Tammy Hall; Commissioner Frank Mann

Dick Grimes

"Evil Golf Cart Driver"



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