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Awaken o sleeping giant

February 22, 2012
Pine Island Eagle

To the Editor:

Has any of you noticed the very large number of un-American, anti-American, tax cheats, socialists, criminals, pro communist, and just unsavory characters that our so-called leader has surrounded himself with in our White House? Even though the sheer number of them has been overwhelming, their quality should not have surprised us. His entire prior life seems to have been filled with them. Rabid preachers, convicted terrorists and criminals, avowed socialists and communists and no telling how many tax cheats were among his friends and associates before assuming command of our country. There seems to be a pattern here. It's who he is comfortable with. Why?

Friends and countrymen, we are in the perfect storm, these people have captured both houses of Congress as well as the White House and they are systematically dismantling our country, as we have known it. They have no respect, or love for our constitution, our capitalist system, our religions or the great work ethics that have made our country the greatest in the world. They are changing our country at an alarming rate. If we don't react soon and strong our kids and grandchildren will inherit a socialist country burdened with a massive debt that will diminish the value of our dollar, give government a larger share of our earnings and make more and more of our people subservient to the federal government and totally dependent on it.

It may be too late for much of what they are doing or have done but let us all take a vow to make a list of every one of them that don't listen to us know, keep it, and refer to it every time we get a chance to go to the polls and vote against them. No matter how much they water down this federal health care bill we must remember that they will have won if they get even their camel's nose under the tent.

Anyone that votes for any bill that they or their staff have not read and they do not understand is a criminal and is in violation of their oath to represent us and support our constitution.

Our founding fathers were the most brilliant group of men that were ever assembled at one time in the history of the world and they wrote the best document that ever was written to govern man. It allowed us to develop into the greatest nation that has ever been on this earth. It has also endured longer than all others. Those people in power now are trying to destroy all of that and if we do not stand up on our rear legs and stop them now they will be successful.

I have been here 78 years through the Great Depression, World War II, Korea, Nam, the Cold War and 20 years of radical Muslim terrorism, but for the first time I'm really afraid for my country. If allowed to continue their subversion of our principals will destroy us. I pray that party loyalty can be replaced by country loyalty.

America lets do this thing. Throw them all out. Our founding fathers did not intend for us to be governed by a professional ruling class. Make every vote count.

Frank Palmer

St. James City



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