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The story of ‘Larry’

February 22, 2012
Pine Island Eagle

To the Editor:

Yesterday (Feb. 16), I was called to September Estates to rescue a black vulture on behalf of CROW. There, the neighbors told me about a buzzard they had named "Larry." He had been injured under circumstances unknown over a month before and has been living in the neighborhood along with several muscovy ducks and some pheasants-all of whom are fed and cared for by the people of this incredibly nice senior citizen community. Larry could not fly, so they wanted me to get him some medical attention. Problem was, despite two trips to September Estates that day, I could not find Larry.

The neighborhood knew Larry needed help and had been trying to catch him for weeks. I told them to keep trying, but I also warned them what happens when you corner a vulture-they vomit on you to help effect their escape.

This morning, one of the neighbors (Sarah Odom) called and said they knew where Larry would be come late morning feeding time (at Ms. Seinkowski's house). Sure enough there he was sharing a meal of lunch meat alongside the muscovy ducks. Vultures can run a lot faster than I can, but with the help of retired police Sgt. Ralph Odom, we cornered him against a fence and got a fishing net over his head. True to his species, semi-digested lunch meat was going in every direction (he missed us, but the net had to be hosed down after we got Larry into a box).

Larry is now at CROW getting X-rays of his wing. If it can be repaired, it will be and he will be released to again soar over Pine Island (probably in a few weeks or months). If it can't (which is much more likely since the injury is over a month old), Larry will be returned to September Estates to resume his life as a "pretend muscovy duck."

When you drive through September Estates, look for a small flock of black Muscovy ducks. Note the one that does not wag his tail and has no feathers on his head. That's Larry.

Phil Buchanan

CROW volunteer



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