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Protect our island

February 15, 2012
Pine Island Eagle

To the Editor:

This was in the Pine Island Eagle Feb 1, 2012. Maybe there is a future citizen of Pine Island who can make some suggestions concerning what we can do.

You bet there is!

I'm going to be living on Pine Island soon I hope. So this will be my island, too.

Here's what we can do to stop the fires and shooting out of car windows.

Here is what we can all do, buy cameras that are hooked to a 24-hour DVYou can get these with six cameras and they see at night, this would give all of us 24 hours, seven day a week coverage. All cameras will be recording 24 hours a day seven days a week.

This setup can cost $1,000

You say, its too expensive? Well ask the people of Pine Island for help! I will donate $100 to the cause, right now. Get a fund-raiser going, I'm sure Dr. Hess will want to help. How about all those people who attended the meeting where the burning of the Chamber of Commerce was mentioned? Over 150 people attended this, I'm sure they care too.

Open a web page for Pine Island so people can view these cameras on-line at anytime 24 hours a day. Also make it so people can donate money using PAY PAL to buy more cameras and support the cost of the web site.

Start watching all the Post Office too, you know that will be next.

I'm sure we can find a camera installer to hook it all up as a tax deductible gift to Pine Island. We can put the installer's name and business on this new web page as a way of saying thanks, from Pine Island.

Lets start a committee, the fight is on right now, count me in.

Pine-Island.Org is available. Web page yearly domain is $9, monthly web page charge is $5.

My island, too!

Tim Heitz

St.Louis, Missouri



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