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“Obamacare” revisited….

January 4, 2012
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Here is a direct quote from Michelle Malkin in the News-Press on 12-29-2011:

"This spring saw rising public anger over the preferential Obamacare waiver process. Some 2,000 lucky golden ticket winners were freed from the costly federal mandates, including a handful of fancy restaurants in Aloha Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco district, the entire state of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's Nevada, and scores of local, state and national Big Labor organizations, from the Service Employees International Union and Teamsters on down. Meanwhile, as The Hill newspaper reported last month, other not-so-lucky Republican-led states seeking waivers, such as Indiana and Louisiana were rejected."

If you were a small or medium-sized business and did not get a waiver, would you hire people knowing that you will have to pay their healthcare insurance? This is the biggest job killer ever sent to Congress! Ask any business owner you do business with if they think I am wrong!

There is no serious candidate for office that I know of that is running on our failed president's Affordable Healthcare Act. It will add more to our already unmanageable debt and be just like robbing Peter to pay Paul. The problem is there are not enough Peters to pay for 30 million Pauls. The bottom line is vote for any candidate who promises to try to get rid of Obamacare! While you are in the booth do not pull any lever for a candidate with the initials B. Hussein O.

Capt. Barry August

St. James City



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