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It’s about more than payroll taxes

December 28, 2011
Pine Island Eagle

To the Editor:

The Payroll Tax Deduction bill, over which Congress is wrangling, contains more than just a provision to extend the decrease in FICA (Social Security) payroll contributions. The House version also includes a provision waiving a 27.4 percent reduction in Medicare payments to doctors as provided for in ObamaCare, and a go ahead for the Keystone pipeline.

It's bad enough that workers are contributing less to the Social Security coffers, which were in the red to the tune of $49 billion last year, but those same workers will get credit toward their future benefits for the amount not paid. The shortfall in payments is coming from the general fund. How can this not result in increased taxes and a huge burden on our children and grandchildren?

When doctors see an over one quarter reduction in their reimbursements for treating Medicare patients, how long before they stop treating them? Already the costs of Obamacare have Lee Memorial Hospital reneging on agreements with insurers to waive some inpatient costs on supplemental plans. ObamaCare is a death panel in and of itself.

The Keystone pipeline will create jobs, which Obama has failed to do despite all his stimulus packages, and reduce our dependence on countries, which are not our friends. Failure of the US to go ahead with the Keystone pipeline means Canada will do it herself and sell the oil to the Chinese.

Under this administration, and a Congress, which has mostly forgotten its constitutional mandate, the United States of America is failing. Ronald Reagan inherited a far worse economy yet, with tax and entitlement program cuts, turned it around within 17 months. Obama has had three years of complete failures, yet he rewards himself with a Hawaiian vacation, which costs us, the American taxpayers, millions of dollars.

Only you can decide if you will stand for this or stand against it. Meantime, I urge you to pray for America.

Kathy Jones

St. James City



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