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A Christmas Reunion

December 21, 2011
By Roger Lemke - Fishers of Men Lutheran Church , Pine Island Eagle

While driving to the mall and listening to Christmas music, a wife became nostalgic. Touching her husband's arm she said: "Herbert do you remember how we used to sit so dangerously close while driving. It was so wonderful back then. What happened?" Herbert replied, "I don't know, but I do know that I haven't moved."

Christmas comes each year to remind us that God is not the one who has mobbed but we are the ones who have drifted away from him.

Years ago, 4-year-old Nick and I were Christmas shopping in Atlanta's Rich's. The store was packed with shoppers, music and Christmas displays. I told Nick to stay at my side because he might get lost in the crowd. While paying for my purchase, Nick got bored and wandered off. I rushed through the crowds looking for him, but no luck. He wasn't ogling the candy nor playing in the toy department.

Panic was growing inside me, but then I heard this announcement over the department store loudspeaker: "We have a lost boy here. If you have lost your little boy, please come to the service desk." Sure enough they had Nick. The reunion was a celebrative one with hugs and of course a visit to the toy department. We had been a part, but now we have been reunited. That which was lost and had been found.

The one who spoke over the loudspeaker, in a sense, served as a reconciler between us. We had gotten lost from each other because Nick had wandered off, but the service desk got us back together.

In the same sense, Christ came down to earth to help us get back together with God our loving Father. Joseph is told by an angel to name his baby Emmanuel (Matt. 1:23). The name Emmanuel means: "God is with us." The good news of Christmas is that God comes to us through the Christ Child to seek and to save the lost. We will be filled with the peace of Christmas by letting the Christ of Christ reunite us with our Heavenly Father who loves us.



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