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The Occupy Protesters are a non-issue

November 1, 2011
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor,

Except for all the media coverage the trash and the occupation of our public parks and streets, this movement is a non issue. The media coverage is misleading the public into thinking this movement is something of substance, when in reality they have no clear message other than free college, kill capitalists and they like to live in the streets like homeless people. "Occupy" movements are appearing in numerous states, but not every state, and the numbers are anything but substantial. The group's numbers of protesters range from 30 to 4000 people each. Maybe there are 30 states worth. Multiply by the maximum group number of 4000, even though there are only a handful of maximums, but give them the highest possibility of numbers and you come up with 130,000 people. Max. There are 300 million people in the U.S. Sadly for them this is no where near the 99 percent they claim to be. They are not speaking for 99 percent of people. Ironically, they are speaking for the 1 percent.

The very title of their movement goes against their cries of protests. To "occupy" is what they cry for America to stop doing in other nations, yet they display this cry by occupying public parks and roads in which no other citizens can not enjoy (but have to pay for) due to their presence. These people cry to stop polluting, yet they are trashing the parks and streets they occupy. They cry to kill the capitalistic business people and then go buy a $10 cup of coffee at Starbucks while surfing their laptop and iphones on the free internet the capitalist provides.

It should be clear to all watching that this movement is an oxymoron, a double negative, misfits of society. This is what our president and the democratic party embrace as the right direction, the good people, the way in which they envision America to be as a whole. This must be why Obama's approval ratings have fallen to a record low of below 20 percent according to Rasmussen polling week of Oct. 24. 2011. If knowing this, and I'm sure he does, does not change his direction of policies and actions, then the only logical conclusion any rational mind can possibly conclude is that this is a deliberate attempt to dismantle America. How can any president be so out of touch? How can any president be so stubborn and arrogant to continue to enforce and encourage this mindset in America? How? Because it must be what he wants.

The message is crystal clear now more then ever and it has been quite considered over his entire time in office. I hope all voters will consider this when they go to the voting booths in November 2012.

Dawn Shevlin

St. James City



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