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Vote smart

July 12, 2011
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Well fellow Americans, when is enough enough? When does the word impeach come into play? Watergate seems to be a drop in the bucket compared to this fiasco.

Our duh president has no plan what so ever and yet he still wants to spend money. Remember that come election time. If the candidate doesn’t have a workable plan why vote for him? And if it.s a politician running, forget it. It will be business as usual.

As far as the wars are concerned what have we accomplished besides killing a lot of soldiers and making some business owners super rich?

War means someone is selling weapons, ammunition, clothes, food, vehicles, air planes, etc. Did you, as a citizen, benefit from the war? I don’t think so.

Let’s keep our noses out of other countries’ business. If some country threatened us we have a red button to push instead of putting our troops in jeopardy. We’ve seen how corrupt the Supreme Court is. First by taking prayer out of schools and now by allowing kids to buy violent video games. Why not let them buy booze, drugs, guns?

Now normally when you hear something like that you would say “what kind of idiot would do something like that?” Well there you have it.

Bought and paid for by the... well, we won’t go there. but you know who I mean.

Another prime violation of our rights. A veterans cemetery director in Texas will not allow the words, God or Jesus to be used in any memorial service. I think we might have an opening in a cemetery in Iraq for her. The opening would be three feet by 6 feet deep. Where do these weirdos keep coming from?

I know it’s hard but go out of your way to buy American. Create a list of American businesses on the internet.

Send some message to the greedy business owners that we want our kids to have jobs. The Chinese are doing very well thanks to us. And as we are seeing just what do our local agencies do for us outside of collecting their paychecks.

I remember going for a plan of the sewer system in our park, only to be told they get rid of them after 10 years. Duh! that’s when you surely need them, after 10 years.

Another time I was sent to six different agencies about a turnoff lane.

Only in America

Let’s hope Obama sends us a post card from wherever he vacations next.

In closing, think before you vote. Engage brain before putting mouth in motion.

Ralph Brookhart

St. James City



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