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‘Dr. Mercy’ is now seeing clients at the island center

April 20, 2010

There comes a time in everyone’s life when all they need is a little TLC. Those in need of comfort, understanding and support have a new alternative with the recent opening of Twin Dreams LLC. Dr. Margery Runyan, known best to her clients as Dr. Mercy, recently moved her practice to the island center behind Subway in unit 5507, to welcome all those who need her services. Dr. Mercy is a licensed clinical social worker and licensed certified addition professional in Florida. With 25 years of experience as a social worker in New Jersey, Dr. Mercy says she has seen it all.

“I worked on the mean streets in a big city. Much of what I dealt with were cases that involved domestic violence and child abuse,” said Dr. Mercy. “As I matured, I began to realize that I was ready to take what I had learned, go back to school to get my PhD and go on to branch out to help others. By the end of my career in social work, I vowed to dedicate my life’s work to helping the homeless, the poor and the suffering. I love Pine Island and have made many new friends and associates. There is great spiritual energy here and I am committed to serving my community.”

Dr. Mercy said she uses a combination of depth psychology, cognitive and solution-focused methods, dream interpretation, meditation and hypnosis based on the client’s needs and preference.

“I use different tools to get to the symbol that is driving a person’s psyche and mine is a deeply spiritual practice,” Dr. Mercy said. “I have been privileged to work with some of the great specialists in my field and have learned that the new wave of psycho-analysis is by using a lot of symbolism and dream interpretation. My job is to get to the heart of suffering and not about the money.”

In addition to helping those with emotional struggles, Dr. Mercy also is trained to provide help with smoking cessation and weight management as well.

“The technique I use for addition or smoking cessation, is a form of hypnosis, but it’s not like the one-time, bang you’re cured method. I have developed a hypnosis program that when stuck with has been proved to be very affective,” she said.

In addition to her practice, Dr. Mercy recently began hosting a radio program on World Talk Radio,

The show, Twin Talk, introduces listeners to the many fascinating aspects shared by twin siblings. Being a twin herself, Dr. Mercy often draws from first-hand experiences and also is often accompanied by experts in the study of twins.

“The program content is all about twins and is broadcast live world-wide each week. I have had the great fortune to have Dr. Barbara Klein, the author of Not All Twins are Alike and most recently, Dr. Jane Greer, author of After Life Communication, which was inspired by twinless twins,” said Dr. Mercy. “Both of these guests are highly respected and it was a pleasure to share them with my listening audience.”

Twin Talk is aired at 11 a.m. every Friday and many of the shows will accept call-ins and e-mail questions from listeners for both Dr. Mercy and her guests. According Dr. Mercy, anyone who is a twin or is related to a twin will benefit from this program.

Dr. Mercy accepts most insurances or will teat clients on a sliding scale if they are un-insured and says she has never turned anyone in need away. To learn more about Dr. Mercy, visit her Web site at or to make an appointment e-mail to or call 839-8230.

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Dr. Margery Runyan, also known as Dr. Mercy, is now open to welcome clients at Pine Island Center.

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