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Open letter to AARP

August 18, 2009
Pine Island Eagle

To the Editor:

I have been an AARP member for 15 years. During that period, in most cases, I felt that the leadership had the best interest of its members in mind in every major stance they made. Therefore, I find it appalling of the position you have taken in support of radical change to a medical system envied around the world. Are there some changes that need be addressed, yes, but to destroy the whole of a proven system to benefit less than 2 percent of the population? Why should non-Americans receive benefits? They pay nothing in but receive benefits. Perhaps all Americans should give up their American citizenship we would receive an increase in our Social Security, too. We understand the Social Security program and how it works against those that have paid in all their lives only to have their benefits thrown away and wasted.

Why don’t we slow down review what has worked and what hasn’t. We can begin with tort reform. Doctors are so frightened of lawsuits that they duplicate time and time again procedures that only tell them what they already know. Malpractice insurance premiums are outrageous. These are only two areas of savings that need addressing.

Would you kindly explain to me and other members of AARP how legalized euthanizing and genocide of the young and elderly could possibly be in our best interest? What about mandatory classes that the elderly must take every five years beginning at age 59 for instructions on how to end our lives, after all we’re so old and non-productive. What about a bureaucrat in Washington or an employee of a profit bearing insurance company administrator making decisions about my health in lieu of my PCP and I. How could anyone of sound mind consider such a program. I find it so appalling that I am electing out of AARP and encourage others to do the same. Enclosed please find my AARP membership card.

Charles Alexander



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