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3rd Annual Snowbird Marathon

Tue, January 23, 2018 @ 4:30PM

The 3rd annual Snowbird Marathon is scheduled for Jan. 23, again starting at Low Key Tiki in St .James City, traversing the Monroe Canal Marina parking lot to Woody’s Waterside and back.
Starting at 4:30 p.m., participants will have one hour to complete the zero-K course while enjoying food and drink specials and live music.
Note to everyone: this event is not just for snowbirds! It’s a great fun time for everyone who enjoys laughing, eating, drinking and free stuff! (Hint: there’s no award for first place!)
This year more awards for costumes have been added, including first and second places for male and female individuals and first and second places for teams.
There will be a fashion show before the race at 4 p.m. so that everyone can see and enjoy all the hard work participants put into their marathon attire.
This year the obstacle course will be enhanced. Participants will have to navigate two agility cones instead of one. Also a limbo obstacle is being added (but no need to worry about it unless you are really tall!)
As in the past, there will be lots of door prizes, great T-shirts, special new tie-dye race bibs, goody bags full of treats, live music and one free beverage for everyone. Sign up at Low Key Tiki, Woody's Waterside, CW Fudge Factory, Pine Island Pizza and Pine Island Elks for the same low price as last year of just $20. Sign up early to guarantee your T-shirt.
Sponsorships are still available. Anyone interested can contact organizers at or call 573-239-0560. Proceeds from the fun event will go to fund college and camp scholarships, youth activities, charities and other activities on Pine Island supported by the Greater Pine Island Elks.

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