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A Passion for Art

February 2, 2010 - Nancy Koucky
It pleases me to have been asked to write an Art Blog for the Eagle. Art has been a passion of mine since I was nine and proclaimed to my father that I wanted to be an artist …. Just like that … “Poof, I am an artist! “. Dad, being a kind man and a great father, never told me I was being impractical even when this idea of mine simmered on for years. He, however, being a practical man never enthusiastically encouraged it either. His idea of security was a regular paycheck. My idea was …. well…. I was clueless.

In my early collage years I tried to become passionate about something different ( maybe I was more like my father than I thought), but that love of art just wouldn’t leave me. My answer? I majored in Art History! A Bachelor’s Degree later, I had assimilated a lot of information about other people’s artwork. The Famous Artist‘s Information awarded me a degree in something so abstract and impractical that my father must not have slept much. But my favorite undergrad Art Information came from my friends who were the studio artists. I loved and envied their ability to give life to a canvas, a lump of clay, sheets of metal or skeins of yarn. I envied the seeming freedom in the structure of their “studying”. I had to read an essay on the folds in the garments of the Saints from a Byzantine Illuminated Manuscript …. they got to build a sculpture from drywall , coat hangers and old record albums. This free spirited nature enthralled me so much that I knew that I needed to have those artistic souls close to me.

Plan A: First thing I did was marry one of those artists – a potter. And to make things worse for Dad, my husband actually encouraged me to join in the artistic error of his ways. ( Sorry Dad the Pre-Med guys just weren’t my “type”). I became a weaver. I was just “okay” on the artistic side of weaving, but was really pretty good at the technical side. In my eyes that made me a good craftsman with a good eye, not necessarily an artist. (There are weavers out there that are truly artists, I am just not one of them. ) Chuck, my husband, and I bumped along as working artists/craftsmen for many years. We were young, romantic, and stupid.

The road got a bit steeper when we became parents. Yes folks, we had to become PRACTICAL and smart!! (Ten points Dad!! ) But I just couldn’t succumb to that steady paycheck, yet …. Plan B.

The Frustrated Artist in me decided that opening an art gallery with my husband was a good idea. Mix business (which, in those days, I thought was practical) with my love of art. It actually worked --- it really WAS a good idea for the most part and it has remained a good idea for many years (30 in fact), on many levels, through many iterations, in many places. Our gallery, Koucky Gallery & Gardens, in Bokeelia, is one of the many stages of my-life-surrounded-by-art. It is however, neither the latest nor the last -- I have, you see, been falling in love with computer graphics for a few years now. Plan C. …..


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