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It's Everywhere, It's Everywhere+

April 21, 2010 - Nancy Koucky

 I am still here!  First I want to apologize to the Eagle and to my readers for being so delayed in writing this winter.  I tried writing a couple of times, but I really wasn’t feeling very “artsy” as my family and my Pine Island friends lost, in my opinion, too many wonderful  creative friends,  valuable residents and family members.  Remember the movie “Three Weddings and a Funeral”?  Well I had Three Funerals and a Wedding.  However, while I wasn’t looking, the interaction between them all gave me some reflections on the role art plays in our lives. 

Art is truly everywhere. From your jewelry to an image on a T-shirt (Bokeelia Trading Company has some fantastic artists working with them).  From the dishes you eat on (even if they are “manufactured” an artist/designer somewhere made the original design) to the layout of interior of your car. An older friend of mine who is now enjoying life as a watercolor artist, used to design interiors of Cadillacs. He will tell you that his work can be seen in museums throughout the world, and then he will add as a “footnote” that they are all CAR museums.  There are probably paintings and sculptures on the walls of your house. Those posters on your teenager’s walls  are “art” (hang onto them – I sure wish I still had that 1970’s Bob Dylan poster!  ) Check out the Seafood Festival Poster on Winn Dixie’s door (okay so maybe it’s gone now, but it was great! ) or the photographs on the walls of Southwest Capital Bank - they are incredible.  Art in a Fish Market???  Only on Pine Island!  ART is EVERYWHERE…. EEEK!   No seriously – we are surrounded – enjoy your surroundings – really look at them.   

Having to divide up a house with a lifetime of memories ( and tons of “stuff”) and having to choose a wedding gift made me realize that human memories and future memories are inextricably tied up in art and design.  The artist/designer that creates a work has her or his ideas memories embedded into it. When they finish they pass it to us and we create a new set a memories to attach to it. When we die, those that inherit our “stuff” have their own set of memories that come with the piece… and so it continues – how wonderful!  

 In chatting with my oldest daughter at her grandfather’s funeral, she reminded me of how deeply I have immersed my children in art. We reflected on a time (about 25 years ago) when my husband and I purchased a new refrigerator and were installing it in the kitchen.  Lahrin trotted into the room, watched the installation, then asked:  “Mom who made the refrigerator?”  I laughed realizing that her world was mostly “handmade” and I answered “Mr. Kenmore! See? He signed it here, right on the front!” 

 We all need to look at our world through eyes like hers … so now; I present my challenge to you:  tell me one of the most unusual places that you have found “art and design” here on Pine Island, in your life and in your memories.   


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