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Like It, Love It, Gotta Have It

March 29, 2010 - Dylan Renz
I have always asked buyers to make what I call a “Like it, Love it, Gotta Have it” list. Get a piece of paper and write down all of the things that you would really like a home to have, all of the things you would love a home to have, and all of the things you simply could not live without. Buyers are usually amazed at how things change once they put this on paper.
I came up with this idea after working with a buyer who had given me a huge list off the top of her head of all of the things her home absolutely had to have. Three car garage, dual sinks in the master bathroom, separate shower and bathtub, stainless steel appliances, the exterior paint color had to be somewhere between “Universal Umber” and “Cream in My Coffee” and the home had to be between 2,132 and 2,133 square feet.
Alright, that may be a slight exaggeration, but when all was said and done I took her to see the one home on Pine Island that met all of her criteria, which was way out of her price range. I asked her to go home that night, take out a piece of paper and make three columns. If it is something that she would like to have in a home, but could easily live without she should put it in the “Like it” column. If it was something that she really wanted, but could live without if the home had everything else she wanted, she should put it in the “Love it” column. If it was something that would be a deal breaker even if the home had everything else that she wanted, she should put it in the “Gotta Have it” column. The next day she called me with her new list, we looked at three homes and she found the perfect property.
The moral of this story is that unless you take the time to figure out exactly what you are looking for you probably won’t know when you find it. I have seen too many buyers lose the home of their dreams because by the time they realized that it was the home of their dreams, someone else has bought it. Taking a few minutes to put your thoughts down on paper can save you a tremendous amount of work and possibly disappointment down the road.
Footnote: For anyone who has had the pleasure of eating ice cream at a Coldstone Creamery, they might find the phrase “Like it, Love it, Gotta have it” peculiarly familiar. I ensure you that I came up with this idea long before I ever heard of Coldstone Creamery and feel that if anything they must have heard about my list and stolen the idea. I have contacted their attorneys requesting restitution in ice cream and was promptly told to jump in a lake. Well, it was worth a shot…


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